Where Did They Go?

I’m watching the World Series right now, game 5.
My laptop is warming the muscles in my stretched out legs as I stare at the screen wondering what I should write.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a TV in my main living area, but here it is, in it’s 32″ glory- and it”s on! The moving picture box generally doesn’t bring much inspiration but I love baseball and…

A car commercial just came on with a perfect couple, in a perfect car driving around trying to catch their dog! The driver and passenger were holding squeaky toys out the window and squeaking them, trying to entice their little runaway to come back to them.
I thought was kind of cute and a little charming- car makers are finally tapping in to what we use our cars for these days.
But then, from out of nowhere comes my fearless soldier, Polly, running straight to the TV! Now this was good…Polly wants the squeaky toys!
She stares at the screen and whines, until the perfect couple drives away and she walks over to look behind the TV and find out where they went with those toys.
This is fun, but her all time favorite commercial is still that one with Lassie showing off some Kung-Fu.
I wonder how many dogs in the US are staring at this commercial tonight, whining to play with the squeaky toys on television?