Little House on the Prairie

So, I was settling in to a basket of fresh-from-the-dryer laundry today and I turned on the TV. We have weird cable at my house, which includes so many channels that most of the time I don’t even bother looking. If I feel in need of some senseless diversion I just watch whatever’s on. (Lucky for me, it usually L&O.) But today, today was special – today was Little House on the Prairie! And it was just starting!

Ok, I grew up on this and so although it’s not exactly cutting edge, it’s interesting to see what my little mind was taking in from 1974-1985. (Hopefully not that whole time…) I’ll get to the point; I think one of the reasons I love dogs so much is because the horrible Harriet Oleson hates them! Witness Nels Oleson, the kind man and his devotion to his dog. Enjoy.

One thought on “Little House on the Prairie

  1. Little House on the Prairie was such a favorite show during that time. It depicted a wholesome lifestyle of honesty, good manners, hard work and community. Poor Nels put up a lot…from his spoiled children to his nagging wife, Harriet. I recall him leaving home from time to time when he had reached his limit. What could be better than having his loyal dog as a companion?

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