Spring is Springing!

    Sunshine, Vitamin d!
Flowers blooming, dry trails and dry fur! Running around with dogs is an great job no matter what time of year. But this time – this time of year is amazing. Sunny but not hot. Pretty, but not Summer. Inviting.

There’s a big part of me that loves the Winter time, for the selfish reason that it sometimes feels like I’m the only human on earth that is outdoors. That’s a peaceful feeling to me, having the whole entire outdoors to myself.
Of course I pay for it by getting soaked in rain and mud and slobbery wet dog hair…and I do enjoy the elements – keeping a close eye on nature – and actually, I don’t have the outdoors all to myself, do I?

This always becomes more evident as Spring sneaks up and the sun comes out. The people emerge like out of a trance, out of hibernation…yawning and stretching. The sun is waking us up and sending us outdoors to meet others like us – on the trails, the tracks, in the streets, at the parks, on the sidewalks… The sun gives us the energy and cheery dispositions we need to chat amongst one another and smile happily at being dry outdoors…running around or just throwing a ball for a four legged friend. Just being dry and feeling the sun on our faces.

So now it’s time to share. I share the sidewalks, the roads, the trails and the tracks.
I share with kids, cats, bikes, dogs, pedestrians, cars, motorcycles, strollers, squirrels, garbage cans, frogs, tricycles, free sofas…
I am so excited it’s finally time. See you out there!