the Honorable Pinky Lee!

I was “in the area” of the Multnomah County Shelter last week and decided it was a Friday afternoon and I should drop in for a visit. It’s always good to keep the licenses up-to-date and a little stroll through the “available for adoption” area couldn’t hurt either.


While I was there, I met the sweetest, most regal dog I’ve seen in a while, Pinky Lee!

He was calmly gazing in my direction as I strolled by, no barking or whining – just a simple little tail wag let me know he was happy to see me.

Although I don’t have the space in my home for this fine fellow at the moment, (He doesn’t want to run as much as I do, either.) I am hoping one of you readers is ready for a kind, mellow and loving companion.

Remember, if it’s not your day for Pinky Lee, there are always more beautiful dogs and puppies there that are waiting for homes as well.

Among the group last week I saw a 10-month-old Australian Shepherd, a Dachshund, a Bloodhound, and a Flat-Coated Retriever! There is so much love and companionship out there, go get some for yourself!