Making it through the 4th


Summer is here and along with the sunshine (Keep up those sun salutations!) comes outdoor FUN! Backyard BBQs, breezy bike rides, trips to the river and long walks into the evening hours are ours for the doing. With all of this outdoor frolicking comes more fun, (Yay!) more exposure to the elements, and of course, more interaction with our fellow humans and animals – pets and wild! Follow these simple tips this weekend and the rest of the Summer to have a fun and safe time.


Keep ALL pets safely confined indoors on the 4th and especially the days leading up to, and following it. Fireworks sound like big scary bombs to pets and they will run away if they can. Even pets that generally live outdoors need to be kept indoors this week.

Choose to celebrate while leaving your pet at home indoors. Fireworks displays and parties are not safe (or fun) places for pets around the 4th of July.


Leave a radio or some other background noise on for your pets, to help drown out the sounds of war coming from outside. Those big noises are so scary for them!


Be proactive – go to the vet and get a prescription to help calm your pet during the fireworks, or talk to your vet about options. Thundershirts are a wonderful, natural option!


Pet identity tags – a tag with an address, phone number or microchip at least will let others know that your pet is loved and will give you better chances of being reunited in case you become separated. Any vet will scan a stray for a microchip for FREE.


Here’s the one again – NEVER leave your pet in a parked car on a hot day. An 85* car will be 120* in 30 minutes!! Ugh! No pet deserves this. They are happier at home.


Be safe and have fun!