World’s Biggest Mystery – Solved!

Ever wonder why the lawn turns yellow and dies right where your dog pees?

The unwanted.

Simple. Urinary PH. Fewer (or no) grains in your pet’s food may just do the trick, so sayeth the Huffington Post in this shocking article. (I’m not knocking their choice of news subjects – I know they are here to entertain as much as inform, and you’ve got to fill all this net space up with something, right?)

But really… I’ve heard there’s a difference between the lady dogs and the men dogs, which would make a lot of sense when thinking about urinary PH. I’ve never noticed spots caused by Polly in my yard, but maybe it’s too hard for me to tell from the mole hills and dandelions.  My dad chooses to have a watering can ready and when his male Golden Retriever squats, he hits it with some water and everyone’s happy. If you have this kind of care for your yard and diligence to match, you’re all set.

Of course for those who like to buy stuff, there are loads of grass additives and products like this grass seed or this supplement for your dog to eat  that promise to keep the lawn that perfect hue, but what about using all that genetically modified stuff outside, in our environment? Why feed your dog a supplement when you could probably make some healthy adjustments to her diet?

What about a grain free diet?

You’re going to need a bigger watering can for this…

Artist Richard Jackson’s sculpture peeing on the Orange County Museum of Art