October 10 is National Pet Obesity Awareness Day!

Do you think your pet may be suffering from a few extra pounds? It’s easy not to notice when your pet is putting them on slowly, one snack at a time. Then, all of a sudden you notice Pug is pudgy or your Chow Chow is chewing a little too often…


We often see pudgy dogs or cats and say something like, “ohhhh how cute”! There’s something about the round squishy soft bundle of fur that we love to love. However, those few extra pounds are really weighing on your pet. Besides making your little Mittens or Fido work extra hard just to get around, that extra weight is silently taking it’s toll on her health and happiness


We all want the best for our furry friends, so here are a few tips to help you help your pet get fit.


#1. Call Portland Dog Runner! We will help your dog with an exercise plan suited to her specific needs. She will experience:

  • stress relief
  • disease prevention
  • joint stability improvement
  • cardiovascular health


#2. Monitor your pet’s weight. A few extra pounds to us might not be a big deal. To them, it is. If you notice a difference in your pet’s weight, there’s a chance it may be caused by an underlying medical condition. Your pet could be suffering, but can’t tell you. A little trip to the vet can clear everything up.


#3. Go raw, or at least look into what you’re feeding your pet. Many pet foods on the market these days contain a LOT of filler. Read the labels. Talk to your vet or your local pet supply storeowner. Most of these people are knowledgeable and eager to help. There are plenty of options out there. Cutting back on their regular diet may not be the answer. NO HUMAN FOOD!


#4. Limit the treats. I know, I know…you LOVE to give your dog treats! It shows you love her! Well, how about showing how much you love her by spending time taking her to the dog park, for a walk, or playing a game with a favorite toy for a few minutes in place of a treat? Odds are, you will both enjoy it more – and live a longer, happier life!