about us

We are runners and dog lovers who are dedicated to the heath and happiness of the Portland Metro canine community. We pride ourselves on our excellent service and always provide best care and quality exercise for your furry best friend.

While our job is adventurous and exciting, the safety of your best friend is always number one.



         Skye & Kona

  I grew up in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, with a beautiful Sheltie that I used to run on the beach all the time to help me train for track. After college in Florida, I moved to Portland and bought a house so we  could get our own dog Kona, now a 100lb English Coonhound/Great Pyrenees mix. I have worked in advertising for the past 10 years and now have been dog running for over two years About four years ago I started endurance running and spend my free time training with Team in Training, playing volleyball and running around the soccer field.



1654680_10205390244851429_2116949358143573785_oMy love for dogs goes back to when I was a kid, I had a Golden Retriever/Lab mix, named CHARLIE  and a couple Westies (SCRUFFY & GABE). As I grew older I found that need for a dog’s company and Skye and I got KONA. I quickly remembered that having their unconditional companionship was extremely beneficial to my happiness. Dogs are always there to greet me with a lick and wag of their tail. They carry great personalities and constantly put a smile on my face. They can sense when I’m down and out or feeling great and know how to help balance life for me. I got into running about 2010 and did it mostly to lose weight. It took a while to enjoy running, but training with my wife and best friend, makes it more about quality time than exercise. We train with a group called Team In Training and now find ourselves running marathons and other endurance events (yeah for FUN!!). Everyday, I am able to combine two great things, exercise and dogs. And just as when I was a kid, dogs are happy and motivated to keep me moving forward.