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I have a 13 yr old dog and a 5 yr old dog, and although we walk daily and hit the dog park on the weekends, my younger dog wasn’t getting the full amount of exercise she needs. Jen has been so great taking her for runs twice a week. She gets the exercise she needs and she’s much calmer throughout the week, now that all her pent-up energy has an outlet! Jen has proven herself trustworthy, and she really knows dogs. She’s given me some training tips about communicating more effectively with mine, and I trust her wholeheartedly with my little furry angel.        -Rachel, Portland, Or

This is a must for anyone with an active breed like my Boxer — Jen makes sure he comes home well run and tired. This is especially great in the snow and rainy seasons when I don’t feel like taking him out for walks in the dark after work. A couple runs a week and he’s content which means the whole household is content.                        -Pat Portland, Or

I give Portland Dog Runner a five star A++ rating for pet sitting. Last year my father was diagnosed with very aggressive leukemia, which required 10 months of in hospital treatment. During that time I had to spend countless nights away from my very precious puppy :(. It was a great relief and comfort to know that my dog was in Jen’s care. My dog was always returned to me well fed, very happy, well behaved and healthy. Any care instructions were followed to a tee. Jen is the most responsible and reliable pet sitter I have ever used by far. To this day when Jens name is mentioned around my dog she jumps with delight in hopes that she might get to see her.              -Colleen, Portland, OR

Great customer service, friendly, and a reliable runner who is amazing with our dog.     – Katie  & Reno

10 out of 10. You are a life-saver! Not only does my dog get great exercise that he would otherwise not have, but I also feel good knowing that he is having a good time with a runner who really cares about him. Getting more exercise has really helped my dog stay fit and happy–not a bad combination for any creature. I am so glad that we found out about Portland Dog Runner and plan on using the service long-term. My husband and I recommend it without any reservation.                    -Jean & Bodie   



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  1. Jen and team are wonderful – outstanding! Stella, Salvadore, Mallory (rest her little soul), MacGreggor and George love, love, love the attention and pampering provided to them (non-stop) when they housesit. Stella has become quite the runner and is truly happy and relaxed after her bi-weekly runs! Thank heaven for Jen and Hillary and Ashley. I couldn’t recommend PDR more highly. Our family of pets are safe and happy when we travel and we know our home is lived in and taken care of. What a treat to be able to have such security!